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Our company DOMINIK was established by actual management in 2002 and on the market with home textile operates 9 years. Company DOMINIK deals with production, export, import and wholesale of home`s and hotel`s textile. We put the accent on the modernization and efficiency of production technology and output`s control and with this we can guaranty the article quality of the brand DOMINIK.

History of company:

Till 2004 our company dealt with retailing and created networks of retailing shops.
- 2004: The company begun to make own production and its articles were registered by brand DOMINIK. In this year company expanded it`s operating about export, import and wholesale.
- 2006: Has starting up our e-shop on the webpage:

- 2007: Company changed from physical person on BT Dominik, Ltd. Company started to handle with other countries abroad of EU (Turkey, Pakistan, India, Italy, Czech Republic and China). In this year we finished the building of our office and we moved there.


In the present time our company belongs to group of successful companies in the area of production and sale of home and hotel textile in the EU and in the world. We have more than 37 employees.
We are oriented on the efficiency, modernization of production technology, optimization of production process. We make new, attractive and practice packing of articles and we build awareness and comfort of our consumers to brand DOMINIK.®.
In the future we are going to fill out article`s assortment, number of company shops and modernize our present internet shop.

Our Shop's:


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OD jednota Trnava


[185x139 128 kb]

Olympia Trnava


[185x139 128 kb]

Nové Mesto nad Váhom


[185x125 128 kb]

OD Trenčín


[185x125 128 kb]

Považská Bystrica


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OD Pieštany

Výrobný program:

Our production program consists of production of home and hotel textile in our own brand Dominik®, a vyrábame aj na objednávku pre našich zákazníkov.
In this year we are going to expand the production in these commodities:

- Production of Teflon`s table cover

Refashioning of footage on big capacitive CNC sewers


Detičky z detského domova Lastovička

The company supports the foster home Lastovička in Trenčín.

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Fakturačná adresa:


Čajkovského 6333/46

917 08, TRNAVA

Slovak republic

IČO: 654 65 654

Adresa skladu:

Bytový textil - DOMINIK s.r.o.

Mikovíniho 2/A

917 01 Trnava

TEL.: 033 / 559 1652

FAX: 033 / 5529 463

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